Golden Eagle Research Technician Spring/Summer- Boise, Idaho

Boise State University
Boise, Idaho
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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Boise State University is hiring 2 field technicians to assist with golden eagle monitoring and disease and parasite research in southwestern Idaho. This project is in partnership with the BLM and includes collaborators from USGS and Idaho Fish and Game. This position will be based out of Boise, Idaho and involves daily travel to field sites with possible intermittent stints of overnight camping. Housing is not provided. Tasks: -Monitor historical golden eagle territories for occupancy -Search for and monitor golden eagle nests -Assist with rappels into cliff nests to install nest cameras and to document the presence of parasites and disease -Assist with measuring, bleeding and banding nestling golden eagles -Accurately record data onto paper and electronic notebooks -Review images from nest cameras -Enter data -Thoughtfully maintain field and lab equipment - Follow COVID-19 safety procedures and practices
Required qualifications: -Avian field experience (e.g. point counts, nest searching, banding) -Outdoor rappelling and/or climbing experience -Experience hiking long distances over rough and steep terrain, often carrying over 50 pounds of equipment -Good communication skills and a positive attitude -Attention to detail and excellent note-taking skills -Ability to follow directions and be flexible with work tasks and scheduling -Comfortable working outdoors for long hours in extreme heat -Valid driver’s license and exceptional 4WD driving skills -Ability to responsibly and thoughtfully use and maintain field and lab equipment -No criminal record, U.S. citizens only Preferred qualifications: -Experience identifying North American raptors in flight -Experience searching for cliff nesting raptors -Wilderness first aid certification -ATV operating experience To apply please email Caitlin Davis at with a letter of interest that addresses all required and preferred qualifications, a CV, and the contact information for 3 references.
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Caitlin Davis
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