Golden Jackal Research and Conservation-Greece

Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation
Mesokampos, Samos, Greece
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Background: Samos is the only Mediterranean island that still supports an established population of the golden jackal (Canis aureus). However, their presence in and around the Samos International Airport (SMI) has given way to an increased risk of jackal / aircraft collision. Description: Archipelagos Institute collaborates with Samos Airport and the University of the West of England (UK) to establish the population and distribution of the golden jackal at Samos Airport. Data on the population, home range, activity patterns and use of the airport habitat will inform an exclusion process that aims to decrease the threat of jackal / aircraft collision. This study aids in the development of animal exclusion processes in airports around the world, in an ecologically sustainable manner. Other research focuses on regular surveys on a number of sites in order to determine the extent of anthropogenic disturbance on the habits and ecology of the jackals. Research activities include: • Capturing and analysing jackal audio and visual data through camera traps and acoustic devices • Mapping jackal presence through tracking • Carrying out nocturnal visual and acoustic surveys • Analysing jackal diet through scat sampling and camera traps • Collaborating with Samos Airport, Fraport Greece and the University of West England to help design aircraft-jackal collision mitigation measures These projects provide field-work and hands-on research opportunities for graduate and post-graduate students who have achieved a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and who are looking to gain experience outside of the classroom. The skills and expertise acquired through this internship are useful towards a professional career in environmenal and/or zoological research and conservation fields. Duration: A minimum duration of 3 months is highly recommended for all participants, although shorter placements can be tailored to the needs of groups and individuals. Placements can last as long as 12 months. Location: Archipelagos’ research bases and stations in the eastern Aegean Sea, on the islands of Samos and Lipsi. Placement fee: Monthly fees of 650 euro include: Living expenses (shared accommodation, all meals, wi-fi) Use of equipment & research boats Transport for working purposes Greek language lessons Students and recent graduates are advised to explore possible funding through their universities, by getting in touch with the Finance / International Relations / Placement/ Erasmus+ Offices at their Universities or other relevant grant providing organizations in their region. *Travelling costs are NOT included and are covered by the participant. Application details: Please submit CV and covering letter to
Applicant profile: • At least one year of college or university studies in the fields of environmental, ecological, zoological and/or related sciences • Knowledge of terrestrial mammal behaviour preferred • Ability to write scientific reports and papers • Capacity for accurate and consistent data collection and analysis • Comfortable working under low supervision as well as leading a project independently • Ability to write scientific reports • Ability to work both individually and as part of a dynamic, multi-cultural, multidisciplinary team • Excellent organizational and time-management skills • Fluency in English • Sincere desire to work towards Archipelagos’ conservation efforts • Motivation to live in a small island community
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Anastasia Miliou
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