Graduate Assistantship focused on human-grizzly interactions and coexistence: Idaho

Idaho State University
Pocatello, ID
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Graduate Assistantships
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I am seeking one graduate student (MA level) to start in Fall 2021 in the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology at Idaho State University. The student will be part of an interdisciplinary group conducting research focused on the social-ecological dynamics of human-grizzly interactions and grizzly range expansion in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Potential interdisciplinary graduate student projects can focus on the following or related themes: 1) the socio-cultural dimensions of human-grizzly coexistence; 2) socio-cultural impacts of grizzly bear range expansion; 3) working with community stakeholders to co-produce a vision for coexistence with grizzlies; 4) mapping the socio-cultural dimensions of human-grizzly coexistence and impacts of range expansion. Students will be able to develop their own research projects within these or related themes based on their interests and skills, and projects will likely involve social science fieldwork. Please note that this is a social science project, though there is some room to include an ecological component. The student will be funded through a teaching assistantship and the position comes with a tuition waiver. Interested students should send a letter of interest that includes a brief description of their research interests and relevant experience and a CV to Morey Burnham at Full applications are due 3/15. Pocatello, Idaho is located near the mountains of southeast Idaho. The small city provides easy access to world-class mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities, and is within a two-hour drive of two national parks.
Students should have an interest in the social dimensions of human-grizzly interactions and coexistence. Strong writing skills and a willingness to spend time in the field interviewing people and collecting data are essential. Quantitative and GIS skills would be a plus.
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Morey Burnham
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