Graduate Research Assistant-Illinois

Southern Illinois University
Southern Illinois
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Graduate Assistantships
~$1,610/month + tuition waiver and full support for field work
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Drs. Clay Nielsen and Agustin Jimenez are seeking a Graduate Research Assistant at the Ph.D. level (truly outstanding M.S. students also may be considered) to study ecology of striped skunks in southern Illinois. Primary research objectives include: (1) estimate rates of survival and cause-specific mortality, (2) estimate home ranges and habitat use, (3) quantify disease and parasite prevalence, and (4) compare these metrics between urban and rural populations. We intend to hire the student as soon as possible, with field work to begin immediately. The student will receive his/her Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences at Southern Illinois University.
The successful applicant will have: (1) obtained a B.S. and M.S. in wildlife management, forestry, ecology, zoology, biology, or a related field; (2) earned grade point averages >3.2/4.0 or equivalent; (3) scored in the top 30% (new scale) on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE; (4) experience capturing mesocarnivores and conducting radiotelemetry; (5) stellar quantitative skills; (6) an ability to work within a team framework as multiple technicians also will be working on this project; and (7) a willingness to tolerate anal gland secretions…from the skunks...from time to time. To apply contact Dr. Clay Nielsen at - IMMEDIATELY!
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Dr. Clay Nielsen
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