Graduate Research Assistant – Interactions between Aoudad and Desert Mule Deer

Borderlands Research Institute
Alpine, Texas
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Graduate Assistantships
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This project will examine the potential strength of competition between large aoudad populations and desert mule deer in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas. Student will work with GPS data collected on both species in 2 mountain ranges. Student will have considerable field duties, and will be responsible for timely investigation of any mortalities in either mountain range. The project will also be quantitatively rigorous and previous GIS experience is preferred. Student must work well as part of a team and independently, as needed. What: - Monitor collared aoudad and mule deer on 2 study sites - Analyze GPS collar data When: - Starts Spring 2023 Where: - Large, private ranches near Sierra Blanca and Ruidosa, TX. - Sul Ross Range Animal Science Center labs, Alpine, TX.
- Strong work ethic - Attentiveness to details - Quantitative reasoning skills required - Organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines - Must be willing to work independently and as part of a team - Must be a Texas resident - GPA of ≥2.5 Contact Dr. Justin French via email for application instructions. - GRE > 300
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Dr. Justin French
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