Graduate Research Assistantship in Aquatic Ecology: Stillwater, OK

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
Last Date to Apply
I am recruiting a highly motivated graduate student (PhD or Masters) to study Aquatic Ecology in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oklahoma State University. The student will develop a graduate research project that focuses on Metacommunity Dynamics of Stream Macroinvertebrates, the Ecology and Management of Harmful Algal Blooms, or a closely related area of research. The student will conduct experimental and field studies, analyze existing datasets, and/or conduct stream or reservoir monitoring.
The ideal candidate for this position will have general experience working in aquatic ecosystems. Additional experience such as identifying aquatic macroinvertebrates or zooplankton, processing water quality samples, and working with large datasets is valuable, but not required. Equally important, applicants should be hard working, self-motivated, and interested in learning about and better understanding aquatic ecosystems. The student could start at OSU either in the summer or fall 2021. Please send your current resume and a brief overview of your research and career interests to Andy Dzialowski at
Contact Person
Andy Dzialowski
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