Graduate Student Plant Molecular Biology

University of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
9000/year with tuition support
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Last Date to Apply
I am seeking an M.S. student interested in plant genetics and molecular biology for fall of 2023. A M.S. degree in my lab, which uses several interdisciplinary approaches, would prepare you for several different career opportunities. This would be ideal for a student interested in gaining more research experience and coursework before seeking employment in the public or private sectors, or someone planning to apply for a Ph.D. program or medical school. My lab combines genetic, molecular, and physiological approaches to understand the signaling pathways governing beneficial plant-microbe interactions that help in nutrient uptake. The long-term goal of my research program is to improve the efficiency of nitrogen fixation in crops such as rice and corn, and make them less reliant on fertilizers for growth. My research team includes both graduate and undergraduate students. In my lab you will have the opportunity to learn molecular and microbiological techniques, genomics, transcriptomics, microscopy, and histological techniques among others. Please visit my lab webpage for more information ( The MS program in biology at UCA provides ~$9,000/yr. stipend (teaching assistant support in fall and spring) and full tuition waivers for coursework while you complete your research thesis. The deadline for applying for fall semester is Mar 1, but if you are interested in my lab please email me first so we can discuss the possibility. When you email me, please include a copy of your CV/resume, and a brief description of why you are interested in the position and if you have any prior research experience.
Prior research experience is desirable.
Contact Person
Dr. Arijit Mukherjee
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