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The Grants Management Resource Assistant will be a member of a committed Regional team who supports the development of grants and partnership agreements with 17 national forests and 10 regional staff areas across Oregon and Washington as well as some programs in Alaska. Through this assistantship, the selected person will receive training and on the job experience that will help meet the qualifications for a variety of administrative or business services positions upon the completion of all RAP requirements. This person will also learn the many ways the Forest Service works with communities and other organizations through grants or agreements as well as the technical nuances of how those relationships are codified under close mentorship of permanent staff. Below are some examples of common responsibilities this position may hold: Uses spreadsheets, templates, databases, MS Office, SharePoint, MS PowerApps, and graphics applications, to generate specific documents. Supports the development and updating of various documents, job aids, digital content, training modules, and other content aimed at helping agency staff and partners successfully navigate the grants and agreements process. Helps advance diversity, equity, and inclusion by ensuring the agency’s Equity Action Plan is being carried out in how our work is approached. Performs duties of varying complexity supporting the award of grants and agreements, including monitoring, reviewing and tracking all grant and agreement actions such as reports, payment, closeouts and all other required documentation. Collects and inputs a variety of data into the grants and agreements information system. Maintains information for logs and distributes grant/agreement applications/proposals. Reviews grant/agreement proposals/applications to verify basic compliance with program guidelines. Applies knowledge of grant and agreement policies and procedures in preparing the grant/agreement file, developing the folder and filing all pertinent information for the respective file from initial receipt to closeout. Manages records in accordance with federal record retention requirements. Performs other duties as assigned.
Qualifications: There are no specific degree requirements, however, candidates will be most successful if they are curious, dedicated to learning, flexible, and team oriented. Key skills for success include: Attention to detail and time management Verbal and written communication Computer and tech skills Critical thinking, resourcefulness, and problem solving Collaboration and teamwork
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