Grazing Lands Education Specialist/Consultant-South Dakota

South Dakota Grassland Coalition
South Dakota
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The Grazing Land Consultant/Educator is a new full-time staff position assigned to assist the South Dakota Grassland Coalition expand education, mentoring, and consultation to South Dakota grass-based producers and grassland managers. A demonstrated track record of developing and coordinating projects, communicating effectively with diverse audiences, building partnerships among stakeholders and the public, and developing adult learner curriculum is desired. The grazing land consultant/educator must be self-motivated and able to work independently and as a member of a team. A strong understanding of resource conservation practices and adult learner education methods are necessary components of the candidate’s knowledge and abilities. Preferred is a B.S. with at least two (2) years relevant professional or personal experience or a M.S. with at least one (1) year relevant professional or personal experience. Grant funding for this position is currently available for approximately three (3) years; additional funding is contingent on the success and accomplishments of the project. This is a field-based position that will require a flexible work schedule and regular travel within SD. Work with the South Dakota Grassland Coalition (SDGC) chair and board of directors, as well as with SDGC staff and volunteers and agency or partner staff to:  Organize and implement a 3-day grazing school in the semi-arid mixed-grass area of South Dakota west of the Missouri River, utilizing input from traditional and new partners initially following the template of existing grazing schools - one (1) per year.  Assist in management and presentation of SDGC grazing schools, including planning, lodging and meals arrangements, securing presenters, etc. - three (3) per year.  Develop, in consultation with the SDGC board and staff, an overall syllabus of courses on grassland education.  Develop and coordinate a series of regenerative management grazing workshops across the state utilizing SDGC partners, nationally and locally known speakers and applicant presentations - six (6) per year.  Coordinate SDGC regenerative ranching consultation program and provide resource management consultation to livestock producers.  Attend monthly SDGC board of director meetings and other SDGC events.  Other duties as assigned.
 Knowledge of native prairie and planted grasslands and regenerative grazing principles and techniques.  Knowledge of grassland inventory and management techniques.  Knowledge of grazing principles and practices.  Knowledge of grassland ecosystem functions, grazing animal-grassland plant interactions, and dynamic grassland plant community properties.  Knowledge of grassland-based livestock production systems common to the northern Great Plains.  Knowledge of range plant identification.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills appropriate to audiences that include ranchers and farmers and conservation and agency professionals.  Ability to organize and work cooperatively with a diverse group of partners and grassland-focused professionals to implement a dynamic education program across South Dakota.  Ability to work with groups of adult students with diverse motivations such as enhanced livestock production, wildlife production and public lands management.  Ability to work one-on-one with livestock producers.  Ability to evaluate ranching enterprises to formulate management alternatives and identify needed grazing management practices to meet the goals of individual producers.  Ability to develop an overall educational program of 1 to 3-day classes (with field and classroom exercises) on regenerative grasslands management.  Ability to organize, manage and present sessions which will include classroom instruction, field plant identification pasture allocation exercises using livestock, and grassland establishment and management techniques.  Ability to work one-on-one with graduates of grazing schools to provide follow up, technical consultation and planning.  Knowledge of mapping, GIS and digital data logging. Submit a 4-part application package to: Application package must include: - Cover letter with emphasis on demonstrating evidence that the candidate meets both the required qualifications and characteristics of a successful candidate listed in this vacancy announcement and position description. - Resume or Curriculum Vitae - Limited portfolio of relevant work - Three references familiar with the candidate's professional accomplishments. Vacancy announcement & related materials (Acrobat file) are also posted at and APPLICATION DEADLINE IS: November 20, 2018
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Rex Johnson
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