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Overview This experiential learning program has been designed by Paragon One in collaboration with Greenpeace USA to offer talented students an opportunity to develop and showcase their strategic problem solving and critical thinking skills by working on real work projects. This program will focus on the Distributed Organizing Team (DOT) that engages with Greenpeace supporters and volunteers across the country. Externs will recruit GenZ participants from a USA based local organization and a University/College (their own preferred) to conduct primary research with the objective to suggest improvements to Greenpeace’s volunteer outreach for visitors and potential volunteers, based on their research and analysis. The Experience Through this externship, you will have the opportunity to impact Greenpeace’s engagement and activation of Gen Z in climate campaigns. During this externship you will: Familiarize yourself with the vision, mission, and work of Greenpeace as well as learn about the overall GenZ sentiment about climate crisis and activism as observed in the recent past Analyze current outreach collateral and assess the effectiveness of Greenpeace’s outreach Conduct primary customer research with Gen Zers to evaluate sentiment and perception about climate crisis and activism Create a concise presentation highlighting insights from your research and providing suggested improvements and next steps for improving Greenpeace’s volunteer outreach and activation strategy
We are seeking ambitious undergraduate and graduate students with a strong interest in communications, nonprofit and public administration, marketing strategy, and climate change. Students with backgrounds in communications, environmental science, and engagement strategy are highly encouraged to apply.
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