Habitat Restoration and Stewardship Project Manager: Las Vegas, NV

Great Basin Institute
Las Vegas, NV
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Last Date to Apply
This year-long position is a unique opportunity for a mid-career natural resources management professional to lead the implementation of a Habitat Restoration and Stewardship project at Corn Creek on Desert National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in southern Nevada and gain first-hand experience in various other natural resource, biological and visitor services related refuge activities. In partnership with the USFWS Desert National Wildlife Refuge, Great Basin Institute is recruiting a Habitat Restoration and Stewardship Project Manager with experience in Natural Resources Management to work in the Research Associate Program. The refuge received funding for a project combining habitat restoration, trail improvements, enhanced interpretation and stewardship for Corn Creek. The RA will plan, lead and implement all components of this project. This RA will also complete tracking and reporting for the project and assist the refuge manager in budgeting and budget tracking. Daily and weekly work schedules will vary to accommodate project needs. Work will take place both indoors and outdoors. Applicant must be comfortable working outside in both very hot and cold/windy conditions. The position requires leading a team in habitat restoration activities, including trail work, planting and invasive species control and working with herbicides and other potentially hazardous materials. The RA will assist with various other refuge projects and administrative tasks and other duties as assigned. The position will include occasional opportunities to engage in projects on other refuges within the complex.
Qualifications: Master’s degree in environmental sciences (e.g., biology, ecology, wildlife management, natural or a related field and/or commensurate field experience) and at least 2 years of relevant experience. A Bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences (e.g., biology, ecology, wildlife management, or a related field) and at least 4 years of relevant experience. Experience in planning and implementing biological or natural resource management projects. Experience leading teams and working in partnership with diverse collaborators; Experience using hand-held GPS equipment for data collection and ArcView GIS software and creating maps; Computer skills including use of MS Word, PowerPoint/illustrator, Excel and other software for communication, presentations, project and data management; Ability to communicate effectively, both in writing and orally, with a diverse audiences; Comfortable with flexible daily and weekly schedules to accommodate refuge and project needs. Preferred Experience: Experience facilitating meetings with stakeholders; Experience creating interpretation and outreach materials; Plant identification skills and previous experience in invasive plant management and/or restoration ecology; Knowledge and experience operating 4WD trucks, tractors, and Utility Terrain Vehicles. ​ Additional Requirements: Ability to self-direct and self-motivate; Ability to plan, coordinate and implement a multi-faceted restoration and stewardship project; Ability to lead a team and to collaborate with partners, including but not limited to Contractors, Federal Agencies, NGO’s, Native American Tribes, youth groups and volunteers. Ability to develop a project plan and schedule, maintain accurate and detailed records; Ability to plan and track a multifaceted project and budget, produce accurate statements of work contracts and agreements, and complete other project management associated administrative tasks; Willingness and ability to carry a backpack sprayer (up to 35 pounds), lift up to 50 pounds, and to perform physical labor, including but not limited to, trail and fencing work, planting of native vegetation and manual removal of non-native vegetation. Ability to work productively and cooperatively as part of a team to accomplish mutual goals; Possess a valid, clean, state-issued driver’s license; U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status; and Willingness to submit to a background check, and pass computer security and ethics training.
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Terry Christopher
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