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Artist Boat
Galveston, TX
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Organization Background: Artist Boat is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to promote awareness and preservation of coastal margins and the marine environment through the disciplines of the sciences and the arts. Our brand promise is that we protect our Gulf Coast through land conservation, fun, educational, inspiring adventures that spark creativity, awareness and action such as exploring nature and creating eco-art. Artist Boat is achieving its full vision to conserve 1,400 acres from bay to beach on west Galveston Island and to establish the first nationally significant Gulf Coast environmental education center. Artist Boat seeks an enthusiastic and experienced Habitat and Stewardship Technician (HST) to join our team at a pivotal moment of organizational growth. The HST is responsible for joining habitat and stewardship team to implement and deliver improved habitat quality for wildlife and plant communities. Essential Function: The Habitat technician is responsible for the management and removal of invasive species on the Coastal Heritage Preserve through targeted mechanical methods and application of herbicides and other repetitive land management tasks. This is field position. Other duties include preparing educational access features weekly for visitors and students, upkeep of the greenhouse and native plant nursery, and assisting as requested with assignments from the Habitat Coordinator. Summary Duties: • Management of invasive species of flora through herbicide application with back-pack sprayer, ATV sprayer, mowing, hand cutting with machetes, chainsaws, brush cutters, and other tools. • Maintain accurate records and maps of herbicide use, mowed areas, and species managed. • Accurate dissemination of information, record keeping, and daily communication. • Use safety equipment and maintain safety conscious attitude at all times. • Other preserve management activities as assigned. Key Responsibilities: • Safely remove invasive species from the Coastal Heritage Preserve through multiple methods and track daily application of tools or chemicals (75% of the time) • Be able to work with a team members who are specialists in science, art, and natural resources; • Present methods to volunteers, Gulf Corps, and Sea Citizens as required and oversee their safety; • Assist with preparation and delivery of outreach events on the Preserve; • Maintain access and functionality to the Oppenheimer Bird Observatory for the public; the Kayak Pavilion, Outdoor Classroom, and Pool Maintained for program participants • Lift 60 pounds, drive a standard transmission, trailer with vehicles, spend 8 hours outside on a regular basis, drive (Mules, Tractor, ATV, and other “vehicles” as procured); • Clean, disinfect and maintain all materials and equipment used for programs; • Must daily enter data from activities into excel; • Be able to assist with recommendations to implement the habitat management and monitoring plans; • Be able to assist in installation restored habitats or nativescaping on the Preserve; • Be willing and able to drive to destinations throughout the Galveston Bay region to deliver equipment for repairs or participate in partner trainings or meetings, be willing to work weekends, and be willing to fully commit to the mission of Artist Boat; • Fully understand the different benefits and challenges associated with non-profit work including conservation land management efforts on a 775+ acre preserve requiring regular management. • Must pass background check and be fingerprinted annually; • Be able to take on duties and tasks as assigned and/or further implement processes that improve the work environment. Working Conditions: • May work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain, and under physically demanding circumstances. Anticipate the presence of abundant biting insects and extreme heat. • Work days can include early morning or late evening shifts and weekend work (as scheduled or emergencies).
Qualifications/Requirements: • High school diploma or GED or degree in natural resource management. • 1 to 3 year’s training and experience in land management and conservation practices. • Ability to operate and maintain various types of equipment in a safe and efficient manner (ATV, weed eater, chainsaw, mules, push mowers, and tractor, zero point mower). • Ability to recognize/learn plant and animal species as required for preserve management activities. • Valid driver’s license with a good driving record. • Must be able to obtain related licenses or certifications as required. (First Aid, CPR, herbicide or pesticide application) • Ability to perform physical work, sometime under adverse conditions or in inclement weather. • Must be able to life 60lbs and work in the Texas heat. • Must be personable and able to communicate with volunteers, students, and visitors alike and in a positive manner.
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