Henslow’s Sparrow Research Technician – Georgia

Georgia Southern University
Coastal Plain region of Georgia
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$13/hour with housing provided
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
We are seeking an avian field technician for assistance in collecting habitat use data on wintering Henslow’s Sparrows in the coastal plain of Georgia. The position pays $13/hour, 40 hours/week from early January to mid-March and housing is provided. This will be the third field season of a Master’s thesis project that is looking at how Henslow’s Sparrows are using power line right-of-ways by collecting home-range and vegetation data. Collected data will be used to help manage the right-of-ways for Henslow’s Sparrow conservation. Primary duties will be performed in the field and will include: (1) dragging a weighted-rope to flush sparrows and rapidly identifying sparrows, (2) using a mist-net to capture Henslow’s Sparrows, (3) extracting, banding, and radio-tagging Henslow’s Sparrows, (4) performing radio-telemetry triangulation of sparrows, (5) performing comprehensive vegetation surveys, (6) data entry. Additional duties include locating dropped transmitters, using a GPS, and vehicle and equipment maintenance. Fieldwork will be physically demanding, requiring full days of hiking through wetland habitat with briars, while pulling heavy weight. Some of the sites are buggy and the weather is cold and humid. Schedule will be highly variable, with bird captures usually occurring on the weekends. A work truck will be primarily used for field work, but there may be a few instances in which driving a personal vehicle is required, in which case mileage will be reimbursed.
Only applicants with prior field experience will be considered. We are seeking an enthusiastic, organized, and team-oriented person with a strong work ethic. Required qualifications: - Undergraduate degree in biology, wildlife science, or related field. - Valid driver’s license. - Physically capable of hiking multiple miles while dragging a heavy rope through dense vegetation. - Able to navigate unfamiliar terrain with a GPS. - Willing to work in cold, wet, and buggy conditions. - Able to record data consistently and accurately - Able to work closely with coworkers in the field and live in shared, remote housing. Preferred qualifications: - Experience handling and banding small birds - Experience deploying and maintaining mist nets - Ability to quickly identify birds - Experience triangulating VHF transmitters - Experience performing detailed vegetation surveys (special consideration will be given to those with knowledge of Southeast U.S. flora) - Experience with 4WD vehicles and driving on unpaved roads Application instructions: To apply, send a cover letter (1 page max) detailing your interest in the project and relevant experiences, a resume or CV, and 2 - 3 references (email and phone) who are familiar with your field experience to Abbie Dwire at GShenslowsproject@gmail.com no later than November 1, 2020.
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Abbie Dwire
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