Herding 4 Health PhD opportunity: Flagstaff, AZ and Southern/ East Africa

Conservation International and Peace Parks Foundation
Flagstaff, AZ and Southern/ East Africa
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With the rapid expansion of H4H there is an exciting opportunity for a PhD candidate to investigate the individual and community level benefits and perspectives of this program. The candidate will have the opportunity to travel to several African H4H sites (eg. South Africa’s greater Kruger National Park region, Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park, and Zambia’s Simalaha Community Conservancy) and perform fieldwork with a myriad of human communities (including face to face interviews, and participatory group discussions). This PhD is a partnership between the H4H program of Conservation International, Peace Parks Foundation, and Dr Duan Biggs. The PhD will be based at Dr Duan Biggs’ growing applied research group at Northern Arizona University. More information on Dr Biggs’ research group can be found at: ResilientConservation.org
1. A Masters, Honours, or equivalent undergraduate degree in Environmental Social Science, Community Development, Ecological Restoration, Agricultural Extension, Development Studies, or other relevant fields. 2. Knowledge and competence of conducting mixed methods social science research including quantitative and qualitative data collection. 3. Knowledge and competence of conducting quantitative, and qualitative data analyses using packages such as R, SPSS, and NVivo. 4. Ability to conduct interviews and participatory group discussions in rural settings, with indigenous people, and rural communities especially in lower- and middle-income countries. 5. Willingness to spend the necessary time in the field in southern or east Africa, often in remote wilderness areas. 6. Strong writing skills in English To apply, please send an email to H4Hrangelandconservation@gmail.com in a single PDF or MS Word document that includes: 1. CV/Resume. 2. A 1-2 page personal statement of why you are interested in this position, how your accomplishments meet these requirements, and your willingness to pursue an interdisciplinary graduate degree. 3. A statement against the selection criteria (both essential and additional) of 3-4 pages. 4. Masters and Bachelors and/or Honours degree transcripts (scanned copies will do, but official ones will be needed for the formal application to Northern Arizona University). 5. Names and emails of three references. These will only be contacted for short-listed candidates.
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