Heritage Preserve Coordinator/Wildlife Biologist III: Georgetown, SC

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Georgetown, SC
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Full time Positions
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This vacancy is for Region 4 Heritage Preserve Coordinator, internal title of Wildlife Biologist III. The HP Coordinator is responsible for supervision of staff and management activities for Heritage Preserves along the coast of South Carolina. The job is diverse, ranging from care and protection of T&E species to road maintenance on HP/Wildlife Management Areas, from applying prescribed fire across various landscapes to providing back-up on call support for nuisance bear issues, and more. The successful applicant will have significant prescribed fire experience and knowledge of habitat management practices across various landscapes. Past applicants are encouraged to reapply if still interested. The office location is in Georgetown, SC. The properties under the purview of this position are located in every county of coastal SC, with the majority of the time spent in Horry and Georgetown Counties. Copied from the official job posting: This employee will: Conduct prescribed fire burns on Heritage Preserves as needed. Update Management Plans for each property. Maintain familiarity with management objectives for each property. Track and prepare budgets, monthly reports. Maintain accurate records and proof expenditures. Inspect Properties on an as needed basis. Conduct wildlife (game and non-game species) and habitat management activities on Heritage Preserves in Region 4. Monitor red-cockaded woodpecker clusters and other T&E/sensitive species. Represent DNR at various meetings where Heritage Preserves may be impacted.
Minimum and Additional Requirements A master's degree in biology, chemistry or wildlife management and two (2) years of experience in fish, wildlife or marine management or research programs; or a bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, wildlife management or related technical area and four (4) years of experience in fish, wildlife or marine management or research programs. Preferred Qualifications Ability to conduct various habitat management regimes on public lands. Ability to assist with nuisance bear issues. Ability to conduct and supervise prescribed fire burns in volatile conditions. Ability to identify and manage habitats for various threatened and endangered plant species. Ability to supervise staff to accomplish tasks. Ability to track budgets, communicate with the public, prioritize tasks and conduct meetings and make presentations. Ability to write and implement management plans for Coastal Heritage Preserves. Implement management regimes for red-cockaded woodpeckers and other species on Heritage Preserves.
Contact Person
Alicia Farrell
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