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Calling all marine/biology students: One of the interesting aspects of this volunteer opportunity is that you will participate first hand in research efforts, heading out to sea to investigate and experience these giant whales. You will experience the research techniques that we use for research: from photo-identification, to acoustic recordings of their constantly evolving songs. After each trip, we come together to process our information and experience what it means. You will attend talks on the whales’ biology, anatomy, physiology, pathology, acoustics, research and conservation. You will be part of a team working alongside amazing species including whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, reef sharks, turtles and of course humpback whales! By the end of the volunteer program, you will have gained insight into what it really means to do research with megafauna in the field, and what can be achieved with this research to reach conservation goals. You will have taken part in every aspect of our research and will have gained knowledge about how we transform this scientific data into real conservation efforts. You will be an integral part of our team and will witness the amazing breeding season of these giant, truly unique whales, whilst they are celebrating the end of the longest yearly migration in the world. This all takes place in the remote paradise of southern Mozambique. WHAT YOU'LL BE DOING • Research trips at sea to collect data on humpback whales and dolphins • Daily talks on different aspects of whale biology and conservation • Data processing and analysis workshops • Workshops on research techniques • Excursions to do land-based surveys • The possibility to take diving lessons • Excursions to some local biodiversity hotspots
No specific experience is required, you will be working alongside staff members. Start dates August 1 August 8 August 15 August 22 This is a paid-for programme, the fee you pay covers accommodation, meals, transfers from the airport and other details.
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