Hunting guide: Central Texas hill country

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Central Texas hill country
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Hunting guides must be knowledgeable about the area they’re guiding in and the species found there. They need to know where the best places are to find certain types of game, how to judge their size and or score, how to track them effectively, and what techniques will result in a successful hunt. They also need to have strong interpersonal skills; they need to be able to build relationships with their clients so that everyone has a positive experience during the trip. Hunting guides have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include: • Providing advice on different hunting strategies, including season timing, location selection, and methods of hunting • Providing safety instructions to hunters on firearm safety and handling before allowing them to hunt • Preparing for hunting trips by scouting for locations that are prime for hunting certain game species • Preparing hunters’ equipment for the trip, including setting up blinds or other structures used for concealment • Guiding hunters in the field and assisting them with their equipment during hunts • Teaching proper hunting ethics to ensure that they do not violate laws or ethical codes of conduct Lodging and meals are provided while hunting
• Guide must have knowledge, skills, and previous experience, of hunting the game they are hired to guide. • Previous guide experience or hunting experience. • Guide must be physically fit and be able to hike if needed. • Guide must be able to field dress, prepare, cape and properly take care of a client’s trophy. • Guides must have their own vehicle in good working order and proper hunting gear for the species hunted. • Guide must have a willingness to become familiar with the hunting area and be prepared to learn the areas prior to guiding hunters. When not guiding, Guides are also expected to assist, as needed, in all areas around the camp to always maintain a clean, safe, and well-functioning environment.
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