Hydrologic Specialist I, II, III or I: Florida

Northwest Florida Water Management District
Havana, Florida
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Full time Positions
Up to $47,923.20 (DOQ)
Last Date to Apply
The Northwest Florida Water Management District is advertising a permanent position for a Hydrologic Specialist. Hiring level and starting salary will depend on qualifications. This position is responsible for collection of field monitoring data critical to the management and conservation of the springs, rivers, lakes, and groundwater of northwest Florida. The incumbent will work on a range of systems ranging from pristine spring fed streams to more developed areas. They will design, install, and maintain a variety of systems for monitoring water levels, flow volumes, rainfall, and water quality in the Florida panhandle from Tallahassee to Pensacola. Ideal applicants, particularly for level III and IV, will have a wide range of skills and experience, from digital data management and GIS to boat handling and basic construction skills. An understanding of DC electronics, digital communication protocols, and related troubleshooting will be particularly helpful. The position includes full benefits along with training in hydrologic monitoring methods and stream gaging following USGS standards. Work will occur outdoors year-round in a wide range of temperatures including inclement weather and dealing with biting insects, thorny vegetation, and other field conditions. Responsibilities all hiring levels: • Collect, compile, and ensure quality of data collected with a variety of hydrologic, water quality, and meteorological monitoring instruments • Design, build, and maintain hydrologic and meteorological monitoring stations incorporating DC electronics and a variety of sensors • Perform wading and boat-based stream flow measurements on streams, rivers, and surficial water management systems. • Enter data into monitoring databases utilizing multiple interfaces • Safely operate district four-wheel drive vehicles and small boats Additional responsibilities Levels III and IV • Assist Program Manager with scheduling, coordinating, and managing monitoring activities. • Summarize data and prepare written reports. • Use GIS for field work planning and monitoring station design • Provide technical assistance and assist with training of Level I and Level II staff. For official advertisement and full application instructions see: https://nwfwater.com/about/employment/
Qualifications all Levels • Understanding of the hydrology of springs, rivers, aquifer systems, and water quality. • Experience in the use of personal computers, Microsoft Office, databases, and preferably ESRI GIS software. • Ability to reliably collect, compile, and ascertain the quality of high precision hydrologic monitoring data according to standard operating procedures • Ability to operate and maintain a variety of hydrologic field instruments according to manufacturer documentation • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot field electronics and environmental sensors • Ability to swim, operate and trailer an outboard motorboat, and safely drive four-wheel drive vehicles. • Experience with hand power tools, and ability to build and repair platforms, shelters & other simple structures. • Ability to routinely lift & carry materials & equipment up to 50 lbs to remote sites inaccessible by vehicle. • Ability to perform strenuous work in a wide range of temperatures including above 95° F and below 35° F; work will sometimes include manual earth moving, minor brush clearing, and station construction. • Possession of a valid driver’s license. • Ability to interact effectively with other staff and the general public. Qualifications preferred for Level III and IV • Understanding of the principles of DC electronics • Familiarity with digital communication protocols commonly used in hydrologic monitoring including SDI-12, RS-232, RS-485 • Ability to understand and apply principles of stream flow estimation including stage-flow and index velocity rating methods • Experience or ability to use GIS, LiDAR, and hydrologic data for field project planning and mapping including • Experience or familiarity with concepts of topographic and bathymetric surveying
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