Identification of Larval Mosquito Habitat in the Riparian Zone – Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge, Hawaii

U.S. Geological Survey, Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center
Kilauea Field Station, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Job Category
Volunteer Openings
Volunteer position. Housing and per diem of $34/day (7 days/week) is provided.
Start Date
July 01, 2022
Last Date to Apply
open until position is filled
Introduced mosquito-borne avian malaria is the main factor limiting restoration of endemic Hawaiian forest birds. Mosquitoes that vector malaria are rare at Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge, the best remaining habitat for endemic forest birds, but climate change may facilitate mosquito invasion into the refuge. One volunteer position is available to support research to determine the availability of larval mosquito habitat in riparian zones in windward Hawaii Island. Volunteer duties will primarily consist of assisting a field technician in establishing and monitoring weather and hydrological stations and monitoring for larval and adult mosquitoes in Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge and nearby state forests. Other volunteer duties will include data retrieval and data entry as well as assisting in day-to-day field logistics. Field sites are remote and require strenuous, all-day hiking and over-night stays. The volunteer must be able to operate a government 4 wheel- drive vehicle and must have valid driver’s license. The work is full time, Monday - Friday (40 hours per week) although logistics may require some scheduled weekend work.
Background in environmental science, biology, ecology, entomology or conservation biology. Experience backpacking and navigating with map, compass and GPS. Must be comfortable and willing to spend full days working and living in remote areas. Must be able to hike long days on remote, uneven forested transects and carry up to 55 pounds on your back. Housing will be provided in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and at Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge. Once-per-week transportation to Hilo to obtain groceries and other supplies will be provided. Travel expenses to Hawaii are not covered but round-trip inter-island travel from Honolulu to Hilo is provided if needed. Volunteers are free to explore the park or other parts of Hawaii Island on weekends. All USGS federal safety regulations and rules will be strictly enforced, including current additional restrictions due to COVID-19. Next service period: 1 July 2021 – 30 September 2021(but start and end dates may be flexible). New volunteer positions available in October – December 2021, January – March 2022 and April – June 2022. To Apply: Send cover letter and resume including two references to Dennis LaPointe
Contact Person
Dennis LaPointe
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