Insect rearing technician: Buzzards Bay, MA

University of Richmond and USDA
Buzzards Bay, MA
Job Category
Full time Positions
$20/hr with benefits
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This position is funded by a cooperative agreement between University of Richmond and USDA APHIS. The technician will be based at the Forest Pest Methods Development Laboratory (Otis Lab) in Buzzards Bay, MA which is a USDA pest quarantine facility and research lab. The current contract for the position runs one year, with extensions contingent on additional funding. This position assists with research on development of an artificial diet suitable for rearing large numbers of the invasive box tree moth (Cydalima perspectalis), and tracks the effects of radiation treatments on the reproductive capacity of the adult moths. This will require monitoring of caterpillar growth and survival on different artificial diets and tracking the number and hatch rate of eggs laid by moths treated with various doses of radiation. Responsibilities include: Conducting lab experiments in a quarantine facility (counting and monitoring egg hatch, growth and survival of caterpillars to the pupa and adult stages, mating, and egg-laying), cleaning and disinfecting work spaces, care of potted box trees in a greenhouse, and preparing artificial diets. This work requires knowledge of and use of stereo-microscopes, balances, laminar-flow hoods, and standard lab disinfection and hygiene practices. Responsibilities also include data entry, file management, summarizing results, and presenting findings.
The position is open for immediate hire and applications will be reviewed until filled. The ideal candidate could start in early July. A Bachelor’s degree is required and experience with insect rearing is preferred. Training will be provided, but the ability to troubleshoot and work independently alongside a team of researchers is essential. Candidates that contribute to developing and supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce are strongly encouraged. Please contact Dr. Kristine Grayson (kgrayson AT with a letter of interest and CV/resume.
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Kristine Grayson
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