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Montana Grizzly Encounter
Bozeman, MT
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Montana Grizzly Encounter is a Grizzly Bear Rescue and Educational Sanctuary

Responsibilities as an Intern: Cleaning Bear Dens, Education of the Public, Dinner Prep, Enrichment Prep, General Sanctuary Upkeep, Gift Shop and Ticket Booth Work
- Interns at Montana Grizzly Encounter are a vital part of our program. We carefully select interns that are dependable. As an intern, we require that you:
o Work all the shifts assigned
o Provide at least 24 hour notice if you will be unable to work your designated shift if you are ill or have an emergency
o Give a 2 week notice if you require a change to your schedule by contacting appropriate staff member
o Preference will be given to interns that are punctual and have the flexibility to come in early, stay late or cover shifts as needed

- While working in the viewing area, cleaning dens, and during supervised feeding interns will have opportunity to view our bears; however, they will have no direct contact will the bears and will not be allowed in the den areas without permission and supervision. For the safety of our bears and staff, this is a nonnegotiable part of the intern agreement. If you want to touch a bear, this position is not for you.

- Intern responsibilities include cleaning dens, feeding bears, enrichment and other tasks as assigned. These activities require the ability to handle strong odors and at times heavy lifting. Interns are also responsible for working the ticket booth, gift shop, and visitor education. Performing these duties sometimes require working in adverse weather conditions such as extreme cold, wind, heat, rain and snow. If you are not physically capable of performing these tasks or working in these climates, this position is not for you.

- Education is a cornerstone of our mission at Montana Grizzly Encounter. As an intern, you will need to become proficient in general bear knowledge, bear safety, the history of our bears and sanctuary while promoting conservation. We strive to provide accurate information to the public so if you don’t know, ask!

- Visitor education requires being able to politely deal with opposing viewpoints and sometimes negative commentary. Confrontational comments to customers will not be tolerated. We believe that negative attitudes are best combatted with the courteous delivery of facts and that education is the best way to change the opinion of an unhappy guest.

- Our sanctuary and bears have gained recognition worldwide through media venues such as Expedition Wild and other appearances featuring Brutus and Casey Anderson. It is a common misconception that interns will have the opportunity to work with Casey. In reality, Casey’s busy schedule rarely affords him opportunities to visit our facility and most interns will never get the chance to meet him.

- At this time, we do not offer any housing for interns. If you do not live in the area, please be sure that you have the ability and finances necessary to secure housing should you be selected to intern. Keep in mind that if you are interning during the winter months, our location can be difficult to access in snowy or icy conditions. Please be sure that you have dependable winter vehicle capable of handling the road during winter months.

- Interns that are earning academic credit must submit their internship proposals and necessary paperwork for approval prior to being accepted into the program. We encourage interns to develop their own learning agenda and goals and submit to us for feasibility before submitting it to their institution.

- If you are a student please note that this is not a place to study while you are interning. In order to provide excellent customer service, we need our interns to be focused on the tasks at hand and not utilize their time to catch up on schoolwork.

- Finally the most important characteristic of our interns is a positive attitude! The position can be demanding, especially during our busy season. You may work hard long hours and in sometimes uncomfortable weather conditions; however, with the right attitude interning can be an amazing experience that gives you an intimate glimpse into the lives of one of the world’s most iconic predator species.
Must fill out application at:

Must be 18 years or older

Must have a passion for/to learn about bears
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Paige Davidson
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