Internship Applications for Marine Mammals – remote and in Florida

Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center
remote options and in-person options in Florida, USA
Job Category
Unpaid internship with no fees required
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Applications are now being accepted for internships at the Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center (MCERC). Internships are free with distance learning and in person options available depending on the project. MCERC posts announcements for internships and field programs on our YouTube channel. Anyone interested in finding out more information about MCERC should navigate to the link provided here where a general description of the internship experience is available as well as directions on how to apply. MCERC is a science based nonprofit organization; therefore, mandatory COVID19 protocols for all interns (remote and in person) will be discussed with applicants who are invited to participate in interviews. Videos can be found here; The videos include instructions for navigating to the website section to apply.
Prerequisites are described in the videos.
Contact Person
Faculty at MCERC
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