Internship + Expedition, Birds of the AMAZON

Amazon Rainforest, Southeastern Peru
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You will learn bird survey skills with training in mist netting and banding. Your work will contribute data to important population studies of avifauna within our conservation area in the Madre de Dios region of Peru. Field trips that include canoeing and wildlife hikes will be included. It's an exciting opportunity in one of the most biodiverse places on the planet!! Please go to our website and review the "how to participate" tab -- click on "learn more" on that page to review details.
1. Eagerness to contribute to conservation of biodiversity 2. Willingness to spend 10 days in the Amazon Rainforest 3. Experience with hiking and camping is useful 4. Further academic or volunteer experience is not required, but should be noted if relevant 5. Yellow fever vaccine required 6. Travel insurance required (We will help you with any questions regarding logistics with vaccines, insurance, and further travel issues.) ** To apply: Email Astacianna Hatcher with a letter of interest. Resumes and CVs will be reviewed, but not considered unless a letter of interest is included. At a minimum, please address the following: 1) Why does this opportunity excite you? 2) What do you hope to gain from the experience? 3) What outdoors or wilderness experience do you have? 4) Why would you be an awesome member of our team? 🙂 **cost of your 10 days is reduced to a total of $950 due to donations. You will be required to pay $450 to hold your place once you have been accepted into the program. All food, water, lodging is covered!!
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Astacianna Hatcher
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