Internship for “State of the Waters: Cape Cod”

Association to Preserve Cape Cod
Dennis, MA or Remote
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Biweekly, TBD
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The Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) seeks a college- or graduate-level intern to assist with our “State of the Waters: Cape Cod” project, from May through the end of October. The internship will have a paid salary but does not provide benefits. The SOTW intern will work under the supervision of the Director of Science Programs and work as part of the SOTW project team. Work will consist of data management, data analysis, mapping results using GIS, and assisting with reporting. APCC is a 501(c)(3) environmental organization founded in 1968 to promote policies and programs that foster preservation of Cape Cod’s natural resources. Our goals are to preserve, protect, and restore Cape Cod’s natural resources and environment ( Our programs are designed to provide science-based information to inform outreach, policies, and actions to achieve these goals. Background: In 2018 APCC initiated the State of the Waters: Cape Cod (SOTW) project ( The goals are to use water grades and an annual report to raise public awareness of water quality issues on Cape Cod, to identify opportunities for water quality improvement and restoration, and to promote action to improve water quality through a Water Action Plan. The objectives are to evaluate and grade the water quality of coastal waters, ponds, and drinking water throughout Cape Cod. Each year APCC analyzes and grades the most recent data available and provides an updated report via an interactive website and outreach. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: - Collection and organization of water quality and GIS data for coastal embayments, ponds, and drinking water; - Data analysis and scoring of water quality data; - Utilizing APCC’s cyanobacteria data to grade ponds and combine results with grades based on water quality data; - Developing GIS maps of results; - Conducting statistical analysis and graphical analysis; - Reviewing and grading public water supplies based on Consumer Confidence Reports and existing state and federal drinking water standards; - Preparation of data summaries, reports, plots and other graphics.
Minimum Requirements: A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field (e.g., water resources, hydrology, limnology, natural resource management, etc.) and experience and skills as described below. Required Experience and Skills: - Experience with collection and/or analysis of water quality or other environmental data; - Proficiency in use of Microsoft Excel, including data entry, calculations, statistics, plots and graphs, and multiple spreadsheets; - Experience in statistical analyses (e.g., basic descriptive statistics); - Other mathematical skills (e.g., programming, data management); - Use of GIS software to create GIS maps; - Attention to detail, accuracy and thoroughness, including self-checking one’s own work for accuracy; - Ability to perform work quickly and accurately and to provide deliverables on schedule; - Excellent communication skills (verbal, written, electronic), including the ability to communicate efficiently.
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Jo Ann Muramoto, Ph.D.
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