Invasive Species Software Development and Data Science Intern

Flathead Lake Biological station, University of Montana
Room & Board provided on site at Flathead Lake Biological Station in Polson, Montana
Job Category
$8.75 /hr + room & board (valued at $2500)
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
This intern will be working with FLBS personnel to develop a web-hosted software user interface around analytical tools that help managers predict where aquatic invasive species will spread in the Pacific Northwest, and improve and refine these tools into an automated pipeline. This work contributes to the development of a national aquatic invasive species database and other spatial products to help agencies more effectively prevent spread of harmful non-native and invasive species. The internship will provide opportunities to: o Develop key skills in data science (considered the ‘hottest job market of the decade’) o Work with large databases and develop online tools, o Jumpstart a career in graduate-level research in ecology, conservation, wildlife, or data science, o Participate in important conservation work, and make contacts with major state and federal agencies in wildlife conservation.
Programming skills in R, Python, and/or web scripting (e.g., javascript), some familiarity iwth statistical analysis. Must be a continuing undergraduate student
Contact Person
Monica Elser
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