Inventory and Monitoring Intern

SECC & NPS - Cumberland Piedmont Network
Mammoth Cave, KY
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$450 Weekly
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The candidate’s main project will involve assistance with inventory and monitoring at 14 national park units within the Cumberland Piedmont Network. This work will jointly benefit the Inventory and Monitoring Program, as well as park Resource Management programs, and will advance the data needs of the NPS. This project will improve knowledge regarding ecosystems of the 14 national park units within the Southeast Region of NPS. Assistance will include activities such as monitoring of air/water quality, wildlife, and/or vegetation. Ideally, this work will help park staff interpret the status and importance of natural resources within the park and help identify resource threats and stressors that are both internal and external to the park (such as invasive exotic species). Position Responsibilities: - Assist with analysis of imagery, data entry, and fieldwork related to the monitoring of cave vital signs (cave aquatic biota/cave bats/cave crickets) - Assist crews with monitoring forest vegetation, rare plants, foliar injury, and assist with invasive species early detection. - Assist crews with water quality monitoring. - Assist curatorial specialist with herbarium specimens and aquatic insect specimens. Essential Functions: navigate to sites, help take samples, record data, mount and label plant specimens, take photos, sort/organize aquatic insect specimens, and assist with archives.
- Undergraduate degree (complete or in progress) in biological sciences, natural resource management, or related disciplines appropriate for position. - Applicant should be self-motivated, highly organized, and able to follow detailed protocols.
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Kahla Stewart
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