JIMAR PIFSC Life History Research Scientist-Hawaii

Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii/Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research
Honolulu, HI
Job Category
Full time Positions
Salary commensurate with qualifications.
Last Date to Apply
Designs and develops scientific sampling and strategic research plans for conducting life history research (age-based demography, reproduction, mortality) on commercially valuable coral reef fish and deepwater bottomfish in the Hawaiian, Samoa and Mariana Archipelago. Leads and conducts laboratory-based life history research and performs statistical analyses (spatial and temporal variability, environmental impacts on life history parameters. Develops oral and technical written reports and publishes research findings. Participates on scientific cruises.
PhD in Marine Biology, Zoology, Marine Ecology, Fishery Science, or related field involving life history studies of coral reef fish. (Substitute PhD with Master’s Degree in same fields and 5 years of relevant work experience in coral reef fish ecology). To apply please go to www.rcuh.com, click on “Job Postings" and apply online Ad Closing Date: 10/02/2018
Contact Person
Jeff Hare (jeff.hare@noaa.gov), Nicole Wakazuru-Yoza (nwakazur@hawaii.edu)
Contact eMail
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