Junior College Aquaculture/Fisheries Management Instructor: Idaho

College of Southern Idaho
Twin Falls, Idaho
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The CSI Agriculture Department is seeking applicants for a full-time, 12-month faculty position in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management. The successful applicant will be part of a motivated and innovative instructional team dedicated to student success and industry responsiveness. The successful applicant will develop and maintain a program of professional training and instruction for postsecondary students primarily in the Aquaculture and Fisheries Management disciplines. The successful applicant will collaborate closely with other faculty in the CSI Ag. Department to support departmental programs and activities and lend guidance and expertise to other departmental programs such as Natural Resource Management, Water Resource Management, Animal Science, Food Processing, etc. The successful applicant will ideally possess demonstrated work and supervisory experience in the aquaculture/fisheries industry and possess a post-secondary degree in Aquaculture, Fisheries Science/Management, Natural Resource Management, Water Resource Management, Biology, Ecology, or a closely related degree field. A Master’s Degree is desirable, but not required. The CSI Aquaculture Program is undergoing exciting changes and will be relocating operations to a new fish hatchery facility. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to help mold and implement a new vision for the program, and give input on the development of the facilities, age and species of fish raised, development of innovative and collaborative programs and ventures, etc. To accommodate the relocation and re-launch of the CSI Aquaculture program, no incoming freshmen will be accepted into the program for the 2022-2023 school year. The first year of employment, the successful applicant will have a very light teaching load to allow them to focus on the transition to the new facility, propose and implement changes to the curriculum, collaborate with key industry individuals, and ultimately advertise and promote the new program and prepare for a re-launch fall semester 2023. The successful applicant will have responsibility for overseeing operations of the teaching facility, but it is not intended to be a full-scale production operation as the program has previously operated. Labor for operating the facility will be provided through a combination of student practicum hours, student work-study and industry internships, and employment of part-time aide or technician help. The Aquaculture instructor is expected to have a high level of involvement in the oversight and management of the teaching facility, but it is not anticipated that this will require a constant presence at the facility, or that the instructor will be personally responsible for performance of daily chores and fish care. The instructor’s office will be housed on the main campus at CSI, and most classes will be held using instructional space on campus. Labs and practicums will be performed at the off-site teaching facility. Applicants must display a passion for aquaculture and fisheries production, and a heart-felt desire to educate and mentor students to ensure their academic, personal, and professional growth and success and to engage with industry professionals. The CSI Agriculture Department is primarily engaged in preparing graduates for employment. However, the Agriculture Department is unique in that many of the programs lead to transfer degrees. The chosen applicant must have or be willing to develop a strong understanding of the mission of Career and Technical Education, but also be able to teach college-level transfer courses.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS Bachelor’s degree in a related field is required, Master’s degree or greater is preferred A minimum of 3 years employment or self-employment in the aquaculture or fisheries field is highly recommended Recent teaching experience in related subjects, at the high school or college-level, or other teaching of adults is preferred, but not required Understand and enthusiastically support technical education Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education instructor certification in the program area, or ability to obtain certification Promoting the departmental programs, recruiting and retaining students Ability to participate in a CSI Effective Teaching Workshop and to attend an Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education pre-service workshop Enjoy working with young people, with primary focus on teaching excellence Positive attitude and collegiality with other CSI employees Willing to travel on a limited basis, as necessary A strong desire for continuous improvement, personally and professionally A keen desire to work collaboratively with other departmental members within the Agriculture Department and the College of Southern Idaho, including Workforce Development, and partnering industry and educational institutions, to the benefit of our students and community
Contact Person
Matthew Quesnell CSI Agriculture Department Chair
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