KFBRP Avicultural Specialist: Alaka’i Wilderness and Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project
Alaka’i Wilderness and Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii
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AVICULTURAL SPECIALIST needed for work with the Kaua’i Forest Bird Recovery Project. Position will last from late February until early July 2023. The project focuses on a critically endangered, endemic Hawaiian songbirds, the ‘akikiki. With only 45 birds left in the wild, we have determined that capturing them and transferring them to managed human care facilities is the best way to prevent the imminent extinction of the species. This position will be responsible for providing the highest standards of avian husbandry in supporting the health and well-being of the captive birds (adults, nestlings, and eggs) during capture and transfer to temporary facilities on Kaua’i and onwards to their eventual home on Maui. The work is physically challenging, requiring a 4-5 mile hike to the main field camps by way of steep slopes, tangled forest and stream crossings. Applicants will camp in rustic conditions up to one week at a time, depending on frequency of bird captures, often in rainy and chilly weather. Daily field activities include nest searching and monitoring, mist-netting birds, and collecting eggs and chicks from nests. Daily activities at the temporary facility include cleaning, disinfecting and inspecting cages, incubators and other equipment; providing clean water and fresh food; operating machine incubators and rearing and hand-feeding chicks according to established guidelines; maintaining records; developing and updating protocols; and planning logistics. Specifically, the incumbent: • Develops and updates protocols for collecting, transporting, and caring for birds. • Prepares the field sites and Kauai-based bird facility to receive and care for collected birds and eggs, including setting up tents and cages. • Procures necessary equipment and supplies, tracks orders and ensures purchasing accuracy. • Organizes and plans logistics for bird collections and extraction from the field (including scheduling helicopter logistics and personnel). • Makes travel arrangements and completes travel reports for staff accompanying collected birds. • Takes part in the capture of adult birds, collects and transports birds, eggs, and nestlings from nests to field and temporary facilities, and prepares them for onward travel to permanent facilities. • Attends to captive individual rare birds, eggs, and chicks in the field and at temporary facilities. • Provides emergency veterinary care to sick or injured captured birds in the field or at temporary facilities, including administration of oxygen or fluids. • Maintains accurate and timely records and helps compile field data and maps for planning and reports.
Applicants must: • have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four year college or university with relevant courses in biology, zoology, or conservation • be physically fit, and able to navigate rugged and complex terrain using GPS, compass, and maps, and ride in helicopters. • have prior experience caring for small passerines, including operating incubators, handling eggs, feeding chicks, and administering oxygen, fluids, and medication. • be able to collect data and provide simple summary statistics • be able to work both in a team environment and independently, multitask and prioritize work to meet deadlines, and adapt easily to last minute changes. • be able to communicate and work effectively with others and understand and give direction. • be able to accept responsibility, be accountable and make decisions that support the goals of the project. • have independent critical thinking and problem-solving skills to respond appropriately to unexpected wildlife care situations • be familiar with GIS, Microsoft Office and Access, and Adobe Suite Software Compensation is a $25/hr ($4333/mo). Costs of health insurance are split by the employee and employer. The successful applicant must provide own travel to Lihue, Kauai and have a valid US drivers license. Applications will be accepted until February 13, 2023, and will be reviewed as they are received. Required materials include a current resume, cover letter, and contact information for 3 references, emailed to crampton@hawaii.edu.
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Lisa Crampton
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