King Cobra Radiotelemetry Technician in northeast Thailand

Sakaerat Conservation and Snake Education Team
Northeast Thailand
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All positions are unpaid, requiring a minimum commitment of 6 months. Housing and food will be provided for volunteers for the duration of their stay at the research station. However, flight tickets and visa costs need to be acquired by the volunteers. We will accept applications until all positions are filled. We are looking to fill 6-month positions, starting in December, January and February 2018. Volunteers are primarily required to assist with radio-tracking and surveying for King Cobras within the Sakaerat Biosphere reserve. Our fieldwork is very rewarding but also physically very demanding. Volunteers should be prepared to work long hours starting at 05:30 and likely to continue well into the night. This is a position enabling development of key field skills, technical skills (R-workshops, spatial ecology demonstrations), and individual personal development. Volunteer duties include: - Tracking adult male and female King Cobras three times per day - Placing camera traps on King Cobra shelter sites and reviewing camera trap data - Participating in active surveys for King cobras and King cobra nests - Writing weekly and monthly activity reports of each radio-tracked King cobra - Assisting with local conservation education and outreach initiatives - Being physically capable of walking long distances in adverse conditions as well as using motor bikes/mopeds as the main mode of transportation to the snakes’ location - Being able and willing to work long hours in very warm and humid conditions - Communicating with local villagers in a friendly and non-intrusive manner when tracking in human-dominated landscapes Please send your CV and cover letter, addressed to Max Jones at and list your earliest available start date.
Desired qualifications and skills: - 21 years or older - Either a Bachelors or an associated degree in Biology or a related field - At least one season of previous field experience (not necessarily in snake ecology) - Experience with radio-telemetry - Experience with outdoor work (manual labour) - Volunteers need to be fit (able to walk more than 10 km a day) - Able to drive a motorbike/moped - Respect for biodiversity Please send your CV and cover letter, addressed to Max Jones at and list your earliest available start date.
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Max Jones
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