Kirtland’s Warbler Nest Monitor-Wisconsin

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$5,000 for the season
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The Wisconsin Kirtland's Warbler Project is seeking one qualified nest monitor for the 2018 breeding season. The work will primarily be focused in Wisconsin’s peripheral breeding sites in northern Wisconsin and will be based in Marinette County in northeastern Wisconsin. Duties will begin in around June 1, will require travel to sites in central and northern Wisconsin, and will end in early to mid-August. The weekly schedule will involve working five days a week. Field work is weather dependent so the five days may include weekends. Nest monitor duties include the following: 1) observe and document adult territorial, courtship, and nesting behaviors of the endangered Kirtland's Warbler; 2) record nest phenology and results; 3) keep daily log of activities at assigned breeding site(s); 4) participate with mist netting and banding activities; 5) assist with Cowbird trapping; 6) assist with and/or lead guided tours of sites; 7) produce interim and final reports; 8) survey for Kirtland’s Warblers at assigned sites; 9) participate on weekly team calls; 10) conduct other project related duties as assigned.
Candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree in wildlife biology, conservation, natural resources, or a related field, must be able to identify Wisconsin's shrubland birds by sight and sound, and must be proficient in use of GPS units. Previous experience with Kirtland's Warblers is not necessary. Preference will be given to those with previous forest songbird nest monitoring experience. Must provide own transportation. Housing can be provided in addition to pay if required. If interested, send a resume and cover letter to Davin Lopez of the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources at by March 30, 2018. For more information, contact Davin at the email above or by phone at 608-266-0837.
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Davin Lopez
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