KNOX Urban Farming Program (Hartford, CT)

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Hartford, CT
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The Urban Farming Program supports Hartford residents on a phased path to an independent farming career through equitable access to growing spaces, knowledge, and equipment. This 3 year program offers both in-class and hands-on training and education on multiple sustainable farming techniques including hydroponics and aeroponics, small plot intensive, containerized, and hot house. Participants grow food for sale to local organizations and for use in their own businesses. Upon completion participants will run an entrepreneurial farm-based business, a part-time project selling value-added products, or employment for an established agricultural business. In addition to joining the KNOX Alumni Farmers, a network of opportunities for collaboration and business growth.
Must be a resident of Hartford at the time the program begins. Must be 18 years of age or older. Should not currently be involved in a farming or food based business. Members of a Co-Op are not eligible to apply. Must be able to read and write in English. Must be able to attend all program classes and team meetings. Must be able to commit at least 12 hours per week (including in-class, field work and overall crop production).
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Jim Dombroksi - Urban Farming Manager
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860-951-7694 ex)18
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