Research Technician for a Zebrafish Laboratory Yale/Post graduate position – Connecticut

Yale University
New Haven
Job Category
Full time Positions
Last Date to Apply
Provide research assistance for a zebrafish genetics lab and aid with the maintenance of a freshwater tropical fish (zebrafish) facility under the supervision of the principal investigator of the laboratory. The focus of the overall project is to use zebrafish as a model system to study vertebrate development Essential Duties of the Position: Feed fish, check and maintain water quality. 
Breed fish and raise young. 
Maintain tanks and equipment. 
Make up solutions, prepare fish food; limited laboratory maintenance.
Bachelor’s degree in marine Biology, related field of Biology/Molecular biology, or two years of experience working in marine laboratories or molecular biology laboratories. Skills and Abilities: 
Hands on experience in molecular biology; strong instrumentation skills. 
High degree in independence, highly motivated, enthusiastic and strong work ethic. Must be self-motivated and physically capable of maintaining 10-liter fish tanks in shelving units. The applicant must be a US national or legal resident of the US. 
Please send short description of your work experience including work with fish and molecular biology, contact information, CV and references in a single word or pdf document, including "zebrafish technician 2017" in the subject of the email
Contact Person
Hiba Codore
Contact eMail
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