Lake and Pond Technician: Kansas/Missouri

Aquatic Ecosystem Consultants
Bonner Springs, Kansas
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Full time Positions
$12 hour
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Aquatic Ecosystem Consultants, LLC (AEC) is a full-service pond and lake management company serving Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. We offer a multitude of services including aquatic weed and algae control, fish stocking, fountain, and aeration system installation, and water quality monitoring. Our internship position (based out of Bonner Springs, Kansas) is a paid position. The intern will travel daily to multiple job sites to assist with the scheduled work. The summer work is mostly carried out with the use of a boat and spray application equipment. Work schedule will involve overnight travel. Lodging costs and meal expenses for overnight stays will be covered by AEC. Throughout the summer, the intern will learn application techniques, aquatic plant and algae identification, and water quality monitoring procedures. Interns will learn general maintenance procedures on fountains, aeration systems, trucks, boats, and AEC property. Data entry and record-keeping will be part of the entry-level position. The position has multiple season availability and full-time employment possibilities.
Position requires: • Coursework in fisheries, environmental sciences, or a natural resources-related field is preferred. • Valid Driver’s License • Regular attendance • Basic mechanical ability • Ability to work in an outdoor environment • Ability to work over 40 hours per week • Ability to lift 50 pounds and perform physical labor outdoors • Candidates will follow all rules, policies, and procedures of AEC Please send resume and cover letter to: Aquatic Ecosystem Consultants 422 West 2nd Street Bonner Springs, KS 66086
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Tim Snyder
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