Land Management Agent- Soldotna, Alaska

Kenai Peninsula Borough
Soldotna, AK
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$62,500 ($30.05/hr)
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Located on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula in southcentral Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Land Management Division is responsible for the management of 130,000 diverse acres for public purposes, resource management and community development. Applicants can come with any number of backgrounds in natural resource management, real estate professions, right-of-way professions, planning, or other land management related fields. The Land Management Agent position is exciting in its diversity of focal points and ways to develop skill sets within the Kenai Peninsula Borough's Planning Department. We are a mid sized local government with an excellent work environment. Position Description: 1. Assists in the acquisition, management and disposal of borough owned lands. 2. Conducts annual tax foreclosure sale and general land sales and assists with other land disposal programs. 3. Administers leases, contracts and other property interests. 4. Develops and administers land management programs as assigned. 5. Processes applications for easements, permits, leases, natural resource disposals, negotiated sales, and classifications. 6. Drafts documents and instruments to accomplish the acquisition, management and disposal of lands and resources. 7. Develops and presents ordinances and resolutions pertaining to land management functions. 8. Assists in the development and implementation of a land management system that properly and effectively recognizes land quality and potentials for the utilization and conservation of land, forests and other natural resources. 9. Develops land planning tools and documents and facilitates implementation of plans. 10. Determines land status; physical and title characteristics of real property, right-of-ways, and other property interests, and responds to inquiries. 11. Conducts property inspections and other field work as assigned. 12. Identifies right-of-way needs and facilitates establishment of access ways and easements. 13. Recommends design concepts and considerations for roads, subdivision, material sites and other land management projects. 14. Assists with survey instructions, survey review, and determines survey needs. 15. Drafts RFPs, manages contracts, develops project reports and oversees project work. 16. Reviews and redlines applications, reports, project plans, designs, planning documents, forms and other documents. 17. Works cooperatively with other agencies and departments. 18. Provides support to boards, commissions, committees and assembly and represents land management issues at borough public forums. 19. Provides professional expertise, assistance, and implementation for the borough planning and land management division functions and provides assistance to the public.
A bachelor's degree in resource management, forestry or related field; four years of professional experience in land management or a related field; and a demonstrated ability to interpret contracts, leases, permits, regulations, conveyance documents and other legal documents; ability to interpret maps; ability to research land documents; ability to multi-task; ability to operate geographic information systems and other industry standard software applications; a valid, unrestricted driver's license and use of a personal vehicle also required. APPLY ONLINE under the employment opportunities tab at or use the job link:
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Marcus Mueller
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