Land Management Technician: Lumber City, Georgia

The Orianne Society
Lumber City, Georgia
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$2,300 month plus housing & training
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
This position will fill the role of land management technician at the Orianne Indigo Snake Preserve in Lumber City, Georgia. The land management technician will aid our mission to improve habitat across southeastern Georgia for rare and endangered reptiles, such as the gopher tortoise and eastern indigo snake in the longleaf ecosystems. This role will primarily work as a crewmember on our prescribed fire team but may also include work in other aspects of management such as invasive species control, wildlife monitoring/surveying and general trail maintenance. This position will provide the land management technician the opportunity to work with many of our interagency burn team partners (The Nature Conservancy, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Forestry Commission, Private Landowners) and gain training in fire management to become firefighter type 2 certified (FFT2). JOB DUTIES • Perform various prescribed fire and wildfire duties including firing, holding, mop-up, and gathering fire weather data • Prepare and maintain firelines • Operate fire equipment including ignition devices, 4WD trucks, ATV’s, UTV’s, portable pumps, small engines, tractors, chain saws, hand tools, and GPS units • Maintain equipment and fire cache in fire-ready status; maintain clean and organized trucks and work areas • Will participate in various preserve maintenance activities (e.g. facility upkeep, fence construction/repair, trail maintenance, and invasive plant control using herbicides) • Maintain personal appearance in professional, presentable fashion, suitable to represent The Orianne Society to partners and the public • Good interpersonal skills • Ability to maintain positive morale under adverse working conditions • Ability to get along in a group setting and make quick decisions under pressure • Ability to complete tasks in the absence of supervision • Willingness to work long hours, weekends, and live and work in close contact with coworkers of varying backgrounds and dispositions WORKING CONDITIONS/PHYSICAL EFFORT: The Land Management Technician will work in variable and extreme weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain, and under physically demanding circumstances. These conditions: • Require considerable physical exertion and/or muscular strain. • Present frequent possibility of minor injury. Risk of greater injury is possible if focus is not on the job at hand. • Require long hours in isolated settings • Require willingness to travel frequently, with possibility of some weekend work
PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: • Associate’s/Bachelor’s degree in forestry, natural resources, ecology or related field • 1-3 years’ experience in wildland fire management including prescribed fire; FFT2 training and qualification required • Any sawyer certification • Experience with heavy equipment (i.e. tractors, skid steers, bulldozers) • Experience recognizing plant and animal species and working knowledge of the ecology of the southeastern coastal plain or fire ecology in general REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: • High school diploma • Experience operating and maintaining various types of off-road vehicles and equipment • Acceptable motor vehicle record • Experience and ability performing physical work • Must meet minimum Orianne Society training and health requirements for wildland fires at the moderate level: 2 mile walk with a 25 pound pack vest with a time of 30 minutes or less • Willingness to work outdoors in HOT weather TO APPLY All candidates must submit a cover letter and resume/CV with 2-3 references electronically to with subject line of “Land Management Technician Application” by November 7th, 2022
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Caleb D Goldsmith
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