Land Use Policy Impact Analysis: Idaho

Boise State
Boise State University
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Post Doctoral Appointments
50,000/year + cost of housing adjustment
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We are recruiting two PhD students and a Postdoctoral Researcher for team-based, multi-scale, transdisciplinary research to support agricultural land protection and policy in the U.S. The post-doc will lead national-scale investigations on the efficacy of land use policy, and will have abundant opportunity for project leadership, mentorship, and co-authored publications. Full description of the post-doc position found at: The PhD students will conduct case study analysis of the Snake River Plain of Idaho. One student will focus on using social science research methods to investigate community impacts and policy mechanisms. See here for full description: The other PhD student will use mapping and spatial modeling approaches to identify priority areas for protection. See here for full description:
See full description at the links in the posting.
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Jodi Brandt
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