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GEI Consultants
Allendale, MI
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GEI Consultants Inc., is seeking a full time Landscape Architect/CAD Designer for our ecological restoration and natural resource design projects throughout the Great Lakes region. The Landscape Architect/CAD Designer would work collaboratively as part of our team to solve an array of water and environmental issues critical to Great Lakes’ environment, water, and conservation. Projects may range from statewide conservation initiatives to site-specific habitat restoration design, including stream and wetland restoration, dam removal, green infrastructure, and associated project implementation. Work is centered around the Great Lakes states but can involve collaboration with offices across the United States and Canada. Our environmental design work contributes to healthier, more resilient cities and communities, where people benefit from the ecosystem services provided by nature. Our team strives to provide the most capable individuals for each project.
- The candidate will have experience with computer-aided design software, including AutoCAD and Civil3D - The candidate will have at least 2-3 years of experience in designing with ecological principles including native landscape design, stormwater BMPs, stream/river restoration, or natural shoreline projects. - Proficient in SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. - Ability to develop graphics to support project designs. - The work done frequently demands some creativity be applied to support planning, analyzing, and design projects that can range in scale from an individual lot to large watersheds. - The candidate will have the confidence and motivation to independently research, determine and calculate answers that lead to independent decisions on various work/client related issues.
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Terron Kosten
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