Lead bird bander: Kingston, Rhode Island

Univ of Rhode Is, Dept of Natural Resources Science
Kingston, Rhode Island
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Up to $4000 per month + housing depending on qualifications
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Kingston Wildlife Research Station is one of the longest running bird banding operations in the US. We need an experienced bander, skilled in operating mist netting and ageing/sexing songbirds in eastern North America. The job will start on 1 Sept 2022 and end the first week of November 2022. The lead bander will be responsible for supervising banding operations, as well as training student volunteers at the station. The station has nets open for 5 hrs per morning . There is housing on the premises, so the job includes a salary plus housing.
We required a highly skilled bander, familiar with ageing and sexing eastern North American songbirds during fall migration. Also extensive experience operating mist nets and willingness to train student volunteers. Please email Dr. Peter Paton (ppaton@uri.edu) your resume and contact information for three references.
Contact Person
Peter W Paton
Contact eMail
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