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Marine Surveys & Assessments
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Marine Surveys & Assessments is looking for an experienced project manager and scientist to work with staff project managers and biologists to schedule and prioritize projects, work with clients to develop projects and fulfill agency requests, to research and write biological reports, and to pursue relevant marketing and partnering opportunities for MSA. MSA is an environmental consulting company located in Port Townsend, WA. MSA offers its employees the unique opportunity to live in a vibrant small town, while working on a somewhat flexible schedule in a position with benefits including employer-offered health insurance, a Simple IRA, and paid vacation and paid federal holidays. Responsibilities and Duties: Lead Project Manager: Work with staff project managers and other biologists to schedule and prioritize projects, keep projects running smoothly, analyze appropriate steps to follow to complete tasks in a timely manner. Project Management: Work with clients to develop project descriptions, facilitate project coordination and permitting with other MSA staff and regulatory agencies, fulfil agency information requests, and follow through with all aspects of a project until completion. Critical Area Reports and Endangered Species Act Reports: Research each project and determine the appropriate report for a variety of jurisdictions. Writing should be up to professional scientific standards without the need for substantive revisions. Peer review of other biologist’s reports on an as needed basis. Special projects as necessary. Project and Client Interactions: Acting with professional responsibility using a fair and consistent attitude toward clients, other staff and agency personnel. Any conflict should be dealt with clearly and calmly and if that cannot be done, should be directed toward a supervisor. No discrimination, favor, or other bias will be accepted. Interactions shall be handled within a timely manner and if that is not possible, a supervisor shall be contacted to do so. Attendance at all pertinent company meetings, as designated by supervisor. Participation in planning and implementing relevant field visits, conferences and trainings.
Qualifications and Skills: Required Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in biology, natural science, marine biology, wetland ecology, or related field OR bachelor’s degree in environmental planning, environmental policy, or related field. Three or more years of experience working in environmental science, planning, consulting or permitting. Demonstrated ability to perform fieldwork and write reports both independently and collaboratively. Interest in living on the Olympic Peninsula Desired Qualifications: Master’s degree in biology, natural science, marine biology, wetland ecology, or related field OR master’s degree in environmental planning, environmental policy, or related field. Experience with client interactions. Experience writing Critical Area and Endangered Species Act Reports. To apply for this position, send a letter of inquiry, your resume, a 1-3 page scientific writing sample, and three references with phone numbers and email addresses to marine.surveys.inc@gmail.com with “Lead Project Manager Application” as the subject line. If you have further questions about this position, you can also contact Marine Surveys & Assessments at 360.385.4073. For more information about MSA, visit the company website at https://www.marinesurveysandassessments.com/
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