M.S. Assistantship – Eastern wild turkey ecology and management-Tennessee

Tennessee Tech University
Cookeville, TN
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
$17,000 per year, tuition and fee waiver, field housing and field transportation
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Animals are inextricably influenced by the complexity, stochasticity, and juxtaposition of resources, predation, and interspecific competition. This work will evaluate how the behavior and reproductive ecology of eastern wild turkeys are influenced by landscape features, predator exposure, and harvest management (hunting season length, dates, etc.) on public and private lands across the southeastern United States. Student will be housed at Tennessee Tech University (Dr. Bradley Cohen), but will be part of a collaborative research effort with University of Georgia (Dr. Michael Chamberlain) and Louisiana State University (Dr. Bret Collier) to work with extensive data sets of GPS relocations on >500 male and female turkeys. Other data sets available include gobbling activity across sites, nest- and brood-site vegetation, known-fate of nests, broods, and adults, and possibly GPS relocations of turkey predators (mesomammals and hunters). The student will be tasked to use these data to help inform some of the most pressing and current questions regarding wild turkey management. Additional research within the scope of this study includes a myriad of topics associated with population ecology and individual fitness, including examining fine-scale behaviors coupled with survival and assessments of breeding success. Likewise, population trajectories under different harvest scenarios is another possible avenue of research. The student will have the ability to assist ongoing turkey projects across the Southeast and collect data that may assist their thesis. Student may also use Tennessee Tech University’s Captive Avian Research Facility for research, if questions are appropriate. Project will be approximately 2 years in duration starting spring semester 2019 (1/14/2019).
Qualifications – B.S. in Ecology, Wildlife Ecology, Biology or a closely related discipline; Quantitative and Verbal GRE scores >40th percentile; GRE Analytical Writing score of >3.5; GPA >3.2; fluency in English; strong understanding of ecological concepts; ability to work in R. Desired Experience – A working knowledge of radio-telemetry and GPS technologies is desirable, but a working knowledge of GIS technology, both in the lab and field, is critical. The successful candidate will ideally have experience coding in Python, R, or comparable languages. Applicant review will begin immediately. All applications should be received by October 26. To apply, please email a cover letter, CV, GRE scores, unofficial transcripts, and contacts of 3 references in a single pdf document to Dr. Bradley Cohen at bcohen@tntech.edu by 10/26/2018. Questions can be emailed or feel free to call at 631-873-5265.
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Bradley Cohen
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