M.S. Position in Catfish Nutrition/Physiology (Auburn University)

Auburn Unversity
Auburn, AL
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
19,000 + Tuition Waiver
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A Master of Science (M.S) position is available at Auburn University. The incoming student will be a Graduate Research Assistant advised by both Dr. Luke Roy and Dr. Tim Bruce within the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences (SFAAS). Dr. Roy’s research program focuses on fish nutrition, physiology, and extension. Research in the Bruce lab focuses on the health of cultured fish species, nutritional aspects of fish health, and fish immune responses. Responsibilities and tasks This M.S. project will involve experimental laboratory studies (~50%) and the use of physiological assays (~50%). Specifically, this M.S. thesis research will Examine the effect of elevated water temperature on performance, digestibility, and physiological/immunological parameters of channel catfish and hybrid catfish offered different plant and animal dietary protein sources. Overall, the student will be expected to conduct an independent research project followed by the writing and defense of a detailed thesis.
Qualifications The Bruce Fish Health Lab team is looking for a motivated candidate who has: • Bachelor’s degree in the Biological Sciences • Knowledge of aquaculture, fish nutrition, and fish health • Proven ability to carry out goal-oriented work and fluent with data management systems (i.e., MS Office suite, R/SAS, etc.) • Lab competencies in nutritional analysis, enzyme assays, and molecular biology are an asset • Fish husbandry and aquaculture experience • Ability to work in a team laboratory setting, as well as independently Approval and Enrollment This M.S. graduate appointment is subject to academic approval, and the candidate will be enrolled in the M.S. program within the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences (SFAAS). For information about our program, please see: http://sfaas.auburn.edu/programs-of-study/graduate-studies/ Salary and appointment terms This project will be carried out at the E.W. Shell Fisheries Center, which is situated in Auburn, Alabama (http://sfaas.auburn.edu/e-w-shell-fisheries-center/). The salary ($19,000 + fringe benefits) and appointment terms (2 yrs.) are consistent with the current rules for M.S. degree students; typically, a tuition waiver is provided. The student will begin coursework and research in May 2023 (Summer Semester). Application Please submit your application no later than 20 February 2023. Applications must be e-mailed to both royluke@auburn.edu and tjb0089@auburn.edu within a single email, as a single .pdf file/packet containing all materials to be given consideration. The .pdf packet must include: • A cover letter motivating the application (background, interests, goals) • Curriculum vitae • Contact information (e-mail and phone numbers) for three references • Unofficial transcripts Please note that documents not sent within this formatting will not be reviewed. Further information For further information about the project and assistantship, please contact bith Dr. Luke Roy (royluke@auburn.edu) and Dr. Bruce at tjb0089@auburn.edu in a single email. Information on Auburn University may be found here: http://www.auburn.edu/main/welcome/index.php
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Timothy Bruce
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