M.S. position (University of Vermont): Coyotes in Cape Cod

University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont / Cape Cod National Seashore
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Graduate Assistantships
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We are seeking a graduate student to join a project that focuses on coyotes in Cape Cod National Seashore. The project is a partnership with the National Park Service and aims to estimate coyote density (and distribution) using a combination of genetic and ecological data. The project will involve fieldwork to collect coyote scats and habitat data, lab work to extract and genotype DNA, and modeling using spatial-capture-recapture techniques to estimate density. A technician will be provided to help collect field data. The position is a Master of Science in Natural Resources (Wildlife Biology) through the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont (https://www.uvm.edu/rsenr). The position is funded for two years through a combination of a Research Assistantship and Teaching Assistantship. The stipend is $32,000/year with full tuition remission. To apply, please email a short letter of interest, CV, and contact details for three references to jmurdoch@uvm.edu by July 12. The position is expected to start at the end of August.
Required: An undergraduate degree in wildlife biology, natural resources, or related field, and a strong record of academic success. Our program does not require GREs. Desired: +Field experience with carnivores. +Understanding of basic genetic techniques. +Analytical/modeling skills and competency with R. +Experience working with federal agencies. +Ability to effectively communicate/engage with partners and stakeholders. +Capacity to work independently under challenging field conditions. +Knowledge of coyotes, habitats, and ecosystems of the Northeast. +Determination and perseverance.
Contact Person
Jed Murdoch
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