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Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Carbondale, Illinois
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Graduate Assistantships
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The Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory, Southern Illinois University Carbondale is inviting applications for a M.S. level Graduate Research Assistantship beginning 1 January 2018. Assistantships are on a 12-month basis; they pay $1,759/month and include a full tuition waiver and support for research activities. One student will be needed to assist in a project studying nest site selection of Mississippi Kites in Southern Illinois. The primary research objectives are (i) investigate reports of nests in southern Illinois (ii) identify nest site characteristics preferred by Mississippi Kites, (iii) compare current number of Kite nests to the number located by Evans (1981) using the same technique and location (iv)estimate the amount of suitable nesting habitat in the study area. The successful candidate will also be required to conduct 15, point count surveys as part of a long-term study of woodland nesting passerines in the Shawnee National Forest. Graduate studies will lead to a M.S. degree in Zoology or Ecology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
Competitive GPA and GRE scores are required. Competitive candidates will have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Ecology, Zoology, or a related field. Demonstrated ability to identify passerines by sight and sound and conduct rigorous field work under extreme conditions will be necessary. Previous experience or a desire to continue a career in avian ecology is desirable, but not essential.
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Mike Eichholz
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