M.S. Teaching Assistantship – Apple snail physiology

Nicholls State University
Thibodaux, LA
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
$15,000/yr plus tuition and out of state fee waiver
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
A M.S. teaching assistantship is available starting in Fall 2023 in the Marine and Environmental Biology at Nicholls State University. The graduate student would join the Clay Ectotherm Lab (https://timothyclay.weebly.com) to work with invasive apple snails under the supervision of Dr. Timothy Clay. The graduate student will produce a thesis focused on apple snail thermal physiology in relation to their invasive potential. Specifically, they will investigate the influence of temperature on growth rates, fecundity, survival, and developmental acclimation, in order to produce species distribution models to estimate their potential spread throughout the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts. Individuals that are interested in comparative physiology, thermal biology, conservation, aquaculture, and species distribution modeling will be good candidates for this position. Individuals should have at minimum a B.S. in Biology or a related field by the summer of 2023. Experience with R, maintaining databases, animal husbandry, and working independently would be assets, but are not required. This position will be fully funded for 24 months with a tuition waiver for 4 semesters. The position could begin as early as June of 2023.
Applicant requirements include: · Possess a valid driver’s license (needed) · Previous experience working with invertebrates or aquatic systems (desirable) · Previous experience working with life history related projects (highly desirable) Admission requirements include: · B.S. degree in science curriculum · Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 · Combined GRE (verbal + quantitative) of 300 For more information, please contact Dr. Clay (tim.clay@nicholls.edu) prior to applying for admission to the graduate program at NSU. Applicants will need to submit a CV, cover letter, and 3 references to Dr. Clay. The cover letter must address your research interests, how they relate to this position, and assessment of your ability to complete a M.S. program.
Contact Person
Dr. Timothy Clay
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