M.Sc. Assistantship: Turtle Functional Ecology

Missouri State University, Department of Biology
Springfield, Missouri and eastern Oklahoma
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Teaching Assistantship or Research Assistantship that includes a stipend (currently $10,965–13,340 per year), and tuition and fee waivers (approximately $8,000 annually).
Last Date to Apply
I am seeking an exceptional individual for a graduate student position (M.Sc. level) in my lab in the Biology Department at Missouri State University. The successful applicant must be highly-motivated, enthusiastic, have the capacity to work both independently and with fellow graduate students and field technicians. The successful candidate must be ridiculously passionate about turtles and ecology, and have a deep curiosity about how animals work. Review of applications will begin immediately and decisions about awarding teaching assistantships will be made by the Biology Department in November for January admission or March, 2019 for May admission. The advertised project will involve conducting research related to behavior, functional ecology, and whole-animal performance. Alligator snapping turtles will be the primary model organism on which research will be focused, but there will also be potential to develop lines of inquiry involving other species, as well.
Bachelor’s degree in biology or related field; minimum GPA 3.0 and competitive GRE scores (‘competitive’ is variable depending on the department’s application pool in a given semester, but typically scores >305 [quantitative + verbal] are competitive for teaching assistantships). Prior experience conducting research is desirable, as are strong written and oral communication skills. Requirements and a description of the Missouri State University graduate program can be found at http://graduate.missouristate.edu/futurestudents/. If interested, please send me (DayLigon@MissouriState.edu): (1) a letter of interest; (2) a copy of your CV (which should include a short description of past field/research experience and a brief statement of your career goals; (3) a writing sample; (4) contact information from three references; (5) your GRE scores (unofficial reporting is fine); and (6) a copy of all undergraduate transcripts (an unofficial electronic copy is acceptable). Top applicants will then be encouraged to formally apply to the MSU Graduate College, which will require official transcripts, GRE scores, and letters from the aforementioned references.
Contact Person
Day B Ligon
Contact eMail
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