Maintenance Internship: Minidoka National Historic Site – Jerome, ID

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Jerome, ID
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The intern will receive a total stipend of $8,960, pro-rated into monthly payments. The intern may be eligible to receive a federal non-competitive Public Land Corps hiring authority upon completion of their term of service (a minimum of 640 hours of work must be accomplished to be eligible).
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Introduction This internship is located in a National Park Service Unit. The intern will perform simple and routine tasks involved in the maintenance and repair of grounds, exterior structures, buildings and related utilities, requiring the use of a variety of trade practices associated with occupations such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, cement work, painting, and other related trades. Intern may also interact with visitors while performing maintenance work. Minidoka National Historic Site The Minidoka Relocation Center, also referred to as Hunt Camp, was occupied from August 1942 to October 1945. Operated by the War Relocation Authority (WRA), it encompassed 33,000 acres of land in Jerome County, with 950 acres dedicated to a residential area comprising more than 600 buildings. Minidoka had a peak population of 9,397 Japanese Americans from Washington State, Oregon, California, and Alaska; in total, more than 13,000 people were held in the incarceration camp. Approximately 1,000 people from Minidoka served in the U.S. Army, mostly in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team which earned the distinction in the European Theater as the most highly decorated combat regiment in the entire war. Japanese Americans also played a critical role in helping Idaho's agricultural industries support the war effort by doubling their wartime production. Minidoka National Historic Site was officially designated the 385th unit of the National Park Service on January 17, 2001. More information at Major Duties FACILITIES: Lifts and carries light to medium weight materials, tools and packages. Opens and unpacks cardboard cartons by hand and removes contents. Uses hand truck to move bulky, but light loads. Performs such duties as picking up trash and paper from grounds, raking leaves or grass, pulling weeds, watering and trimming grass, spreading abrasives and/or chemicals on icy surfaces, washing motor vehicles and cleaning hand tools after use. May spray pre-mixed weed and/or pest control solutions under controlled conditions and close supervision. Utilizes safety practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations and maintains a safe work environment. Uses and assures proper fit of required safety equipment and clothing (e.g., safety gloves, ear plugs, safety glasses, steel toe shoes, or respirators). Maintains a clean work environment. Cleans and lines up hand tools, Performs simple clean-up duties, such as sweeping and straightening assigned area CUSTODIAL: Scrubs, strips, waxes and polishes floors using heavy (industrial type) powered scrubbers and buffers. Washes walls using powered wall washing machine. Vacuums/cleans rugs using heavy vacuum cleaner. Adjusts, cleans and oils these machines and changes brushes, rollers, buffers, and other attachments on them. Washes and replaces blinds and washes ceiling fixtures and room partitions using ladders and scaffolds. Moves heavy furniture, supplies and equipment. Does the full range of cleaning duties in an assigned area following general instructions on the work to be done. Uses various preparations to clean and maintain linoleum, wood, marble, and various kinds of floor, wall and ceiling surfaces. Removes stains from a variety of surfaces using chemicals and cleaning solutions. Occasionally works on ladders and scaffolds to change light bulbs, wash walls, etc. Runs powered cleaning equipment; cleans and oils it, and changes brushes and accessories. Keeps shop areas clean and in order. Sweeps and wet mops floor and removes oil, hydraulic fluid, grease, and other spilled liquids. Moves heavy boxes, crates, parts, or other obstacles in order to clean up the area and picks up scraps of wood, metal and other materials. Removes scrap and trash cans from area to central pickup point.Wipes benches, machinery etc. as directed. Occasionally provides general facilities assistance to others in the maintenance of buildings, grounds, roads, trails, etc. Occasionally drives passenger cars and pickup trucks to ¾ ton size to and from job sites. TRAILS: Performs all aspects of trail maintenance and construction as assigned by the trails maintenance work leader, or designee. Examples of the work performed include: clears brush and fallen logs from trail corridor; cleans, repairs, and constructs log or rock drains; installs log or rock retainer bars/steps and checks and/or constructs foot and stock bridges from native materials; constructs and maintains trail structures such as turnpikes, causeways, cribbing trail tread, riprap and rock retaining walls; constructs new segments of trail; and performs rehabilitation and meadow restoration on abandoned or heavily impacted sections of trail. Uses shovels, picks, rakes, axes, pulaskis, various types of saws (e.g., McLeod's crosscut, pole, bow, etc.), boppers, chisels, sledgehammers, single jacks, rock bars, draw knives, measuring tapes, levels, squares, scribes, gasoline-powered jackhammers and rock drills, chainsaws, and other trade tools when performing trail maintenance and construction duties. Maintains the tools and equipment used in safe operating condition. Ensures work is performed safely and within prescribed NPS standards. May assist with other park crews and/or projects on an irregular basis. Working Conditions Outside work is usually performed under all kinds of weather conditions. Indoor work is often accomplished in office buildings or in well-lighted, heated and ventilated areas such as warehouses, loading docks, or trade shops. Frequently exposed to weather and temperature extremes, drafts, noise, dust and dirt, poisonous plants, sunburn, insect bites, and the possibility of bruises, muscle strains, cuts and scrapes. Work requires the intern to follow proper safety procedures and use standard safety equipment such as hardhats, gloves, ear protectors, safety glasses, and steel-toe shoes to avoid possible hazards in the work area. Intern may be exposed to vibration from heavy equipment and to skin irritations from strong cleaning solutions used in stripping floors, etc. Care is required to avoid serious injuries when working on ladders and scaffolds and when using heavy powered equipment. Terms of Employment The internship schedule will be Monday through Friday (9a-5p), starting in June 2021. Time commitment is a minimum of 16 weeks (40 hours/week). Program Benefits The intern will receive a total stipend of $8,960, pro-rated into monthly payments. The intern may be eligible to receive a federal non-competitive Public Land Corps hiring authority upon completion of their term of service (a minimum of 640 hours of work must be accomplished to be eligible). Application Instructions Application Deadline: May 23, 2021 Interviews: Will occur as qualified applications are received. Type of position: Internship Start Date: ASAP Length of Term: 16 Weeks/640 Hours To Apply: To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three professional references and completely fill out the application form found at Please select “Minidoka NHS – Maintenance Intern” when applying. Additional Information: If you have questions about the position, please contact Minidoka National Historic Site Maintenance Worker Sam Bowlin at or Idaho Conservation Corps Internship Program Coordinator Liv Kelley at COVID-19 Protocols: We have developed and facilitated industry leading COVID management protocols that are in place to keep our members and staff healthy, and have maintained an excellent safety record. Read our COVID protocols by visiting
Skills, Knowledge, and Physical Effort • Knowledge of the proper use and routine operator maintenance of hand tools and equipment, and the location and proper storage of materials, tools and equipment. • Basic understanding of cleaning, grounds maintenance and lifting procedures. • Ability to lift or move light to medium-weight objects and to use basic hand tools such as rake, hand-truck, and brush. • Ability to work safely and properly use industrial cleaners, basic hand and yard tools, and equipment such as a rake, pitch fork, wheelbarrow, hand pump sprayer, hand truck, shovel, push lawn mower (manual) hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and pliers. • Ability to handle and control heavy powered equipment and to do minor maintenance on this equipment. • Knowledge of and ability to perform trails maintenance and construction and safely use the heavy hand and power tools associated with trails maintenance and construction (e.g. axes, shovels, hammers, rockbars, chainsaws, rock drills, weed eaters, etc.). • Knowledge of work and living conditions in remote backcountry locations, including standards for minimum impact camping, and the social demands of such a camp. • The intern performs work that requires moderately heavy to very heavy physical effort. The incumbent routinely lifts, pushes, pulls, and carries items weighing 50 pounds, and up to 150 pounds (or more) with assistance. Work will routinely require walking several miles per day over park trails to and from job sites.
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