Mangrove Conservation, Restoration & Monitoring, in Costa Rica

Association for Volunteer Service in Protected Areas (ASVO)
Palo Seco island, Costa Rica
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ASVO is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to environmental conservation efforts. We are joining a mangrove restoration project on an island/wetland community on the Central Pacific of Costa Rica which needs volunteer support, and are looking for two interns to help us coordinate this project. We are looking for someone ideally to start immediately. Interns will be responsible for coordination of all project related activities including volunteer orientation, training, and supervision. Interns will also be responsible for recording of data and monitoring of managed plots of land, and coordinating with the Department of Environment of the local municipality to evaluate success of alternative mangrove reforestation strategies. Interns will be responsible for managing mangrove restoration activities (and volunteer participation) including: Collecting mangrove seeds Planting of seeds in mangrove nursery Collection of substrate/sediment for mangrove nursery Creation of sediment catchment parcels for mangrove reforestation Cleaning of mangrove nursery Creation of new mangrove nursery Reforestation planting of mangrove seedlings from nursery REM (Riley Encasement Methodology) reforestation planting of mangrove seeds Monitoring and recording of data on managed land parcels Preparation of quarterly progress reports for local municipality Other responsibilities include: Maintenance and cleaning of station, housing, and surrounding property Cleaning of local wetlands and beach Work with municipality to support local projects including environmental education Possibility of helping with community-managed marine turtle monitoring and conservation project (during nesting season only) Please visit our website and Facebook pages for more information regarding what we do and free to contact us with any questions.
No prior experience necessary. Minimum 18 years of age Strong teamwork skills, including with people from different nationalities/cultures Leadership. Medium level of both English and Spanish languages – written and oral 1 year commitment Ability to work in the field and adjust to tropical climate including humidity, hot temperatures, and insects Ability to work well under pressure To apply, please send resume and cover letter to or
Contact Person
Róger Trejos
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(506) 22584430
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