Marbled Murrelet surveryor

Hamer Environmental
Lincoln City
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Salary at: $1,375.00 to $1,473.00 or higher per 2 week pay period, DOE - paid twice monthly.
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
One field biologist is needed to conduct surveys for a threatened seabird, the Marbled Murrelet, on private and government-owned lands near Lincoln City, Oregon. The work includes early morning surveys in mature and old-growth coniferous forests, establishment of survey routes, collecting habitat data, conducting surveys, transcribing data and reporting to your supervisor. Applicants should be comfortable working alone in the forest under low light conditions. Some survey stations are located on roads, while most stations require hiking 15 – 45 minutes each way through steep and rugged terrain. Hiking into survey stations will be done in the dark as surveys start 45 minutes before sunrise. For the project we will provide a full survey training (April 16th to the 20th), housing, work vehicles, and all equipment. A later training and starting date will also be an option if April 16th is too soon. End date: August 5th, 2018. Job Responsibilities: • Locating and flagging survey stations; • Conducting audio-visual surveys at dawn; • Collecting and transcribing data accurately; • Other related work as needed.
• Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in biology, wildlife biology, or natural sciences preferred; • Two-years of field experience, including experience conducting field research or surveys on birds; • Comfortable camping alone; • Orienteering using GPS, map and aerial photo skills along with effective communication skills; • Capable of working alone, in the dark, in very steep terrain and in inclement weather; • Clean driving record; • Normal vision and hearing (hearing test required).
Contact Person
Nathalie Denis
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