Marine and Community Conservation Remote Externship

Paragon One In collaboration with National Geographic Society and the Nature conservancy
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500 dollars
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Overview This externship opportunity has been designed by Paragon One in partnership with the National Geographic Society and The Nature Conservancy, two global nonprofit organizations, to inspire a future generation of environmental leaders and changemakers. Whether you live near an ocean or far away, water is a vital resource that impacts everyone. Understanding this interconnectedness–the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean, locally and globally–is critical to creating a sustainable planet. Marine conservation issues like overfishing, offshore drilling, acidification, or the destruction of coral reefs may feel distant for many communities. In this virtual externship, students will translate global marine conservation issues into a local context, making them relevant and accessible to their communities, and offer solutions to a local or regional problem. Students will learn about marine conservation careers throughout the externship from webinars featuring National Geographic Society and The Nature Conservancy experts, their own research, and informational interviews conducted with local conservation organizations. ‍ The Experience Learn the basics of various marine conservation issues and approaches, like marine protected areas, through resources and case studies provided by the National Geographic Society and The Nature Conservancy Learn and apply primary and secondary research methods to investigate ongoing conservation efforts and identify marine conservation issues in your local area or region Speak to local leaders, conservationists, and community members to gain an understanding of marine issues and their impact on the local community Conduct a landscape/gap analysis to identify gaps in marine conservation efforts in your area and propose solutions to issues you may uncover Gain skills in written and visual storytelling to communicate marine issues and the ways in which your community can help
Qualifications Young people ages 18-25 from around the globe with an interest in learning about introductory approaches to conservation and in exploring a career in marine conservation. No prior work experience or coursework in conservation or environmental topics is required. Candidates currently pursuing undergraduate degrees or not yet in undergraduate studies, as well as individuals from locations most impacted by marine conservation issues are strongly encouraged to apply. We are committed to selecting a cohort of young people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures.
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